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Hi my name is Becky Walsh and I’m a chocoholic! Thanks for visiting my blog. For years I tried to hide the fact that I love chocolate beyond believe. If you went into my room and you were a bit of a Sherlock Holmes type, you would’ve searched high and low and found wants of chocolate. Snickers, Hersheys, Mars, deep rich chocolate. They could’ve been anywhere.  I hid them under my bed, in my drawers, under my headboard, as a matter of fact if you pulled out a drawer or two you might find that they were hitting on the floor underneath the drawers.

Now, before you want to send me to fat camp or something like that, I just want you to know that I’m a pretty healthy individual now. Actually I always was, but before going to sleep I almost always enjoyed a little bit of chocolate before I closed my eyes. Incidentally my teeth are fine.

Overall I’m a pretty happy individual. I feel like I have become somewhat of a chocolate connoisseur. I’ve even gone to Hershey’s chocolate factory. Leader not a used to believe that the best way to die would be to drown in a pool of chocolate. Now that might sound crazy but if you knew me you know I’m a bit crazy. LOL

In this blog I intend to go over some of my favorite chocolate. I will talk about why chocolate is one of the best ingredients for your heart. Did you know that chocolate is even somewhat of an aphrodisiac? Well, I am not sure on that. But, I know that it increases your mood and let’s just say makes things go little smoother.

Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate. I sound like the old real estate agent that says that the most important thing about real estate is location location. Well, not exactly, but you know what I mean. It’s obviously important enough for me to talk about all the time and to blog about it. There used to be a funny cartoon that I saw. The cartoon was a little boy laying in bed thinking about a girl he liked. Let’s call her Samantha. He laid in bed and there was a bubble above his head that said I wonder if she’s thinking about me. Then flash to Samantha’s bedroom and there is a bubble over her head as well. Unfortunately the bubbles said I wonder if I like dark chocolate wore white chocolate better?

Yep, that could’ve been me. I could’ve been Samantha. I would’ve been the one wondering about chocolate in the middle the night not thinking about anybody or anything else. So, if you share in my chocolate enthusiasm, I totally invite you to hang out on my blog as much as you’d like. There are some housekeeping issues I probably should get taken care of. If you refer to the disclaimers page you can find out more about that.

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