The Dark Chocolate Difference: from How to Make it to How to Enjoy It!

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Alright so one of my favorite… Absolute favorite types of chocolate is dark chocolate. I am not sure why. I believe it’s probably because hours think that’s really healthy for my heart. Yeah, me too. So I did some research. Here’s what I found.

Dark chocolate is chocolate without milk solids included. Dark chocolate has a much more noticable chocolate preference compared to milk chocolate, since it does not consist of milk solids to take on the chocolate preference. Nonetheless, the absence of milk ingredients additionally indicates that dark chocolate is a lot more vulnerable to a completely dry, milky structure and also a bitter aftertaste.

The standard active ingredients in dark chocolate bars are cacao beans, sugar, an emulsifier that helps protect the candy, and also flavors such as vanilla. Dark chocolate is commonly differentiated by the portion of cacao in it. The percentage of cacao typically varies from 30% (good dark) to 70%, 75%, and even over 80 % for incredibly dark bars.

Often times the higher percentages are used for cooking. They often become a bit bitter to your taste buds.

I find most most people enjoy a dark chocolate bar that has between 30 and 70% cacao.  About 70% gets really bitter and most people prefer to have some sweetness to their chocolate. I mean what is the point right? You got to a have a little bit of the candy taste in the candy.  Otherwise, you might as well eat steak.

The main ingredient in dark chocolate is cocoa butter. A lot of times you can find this in your local health food store. Did you know that you can make your own dark chocolate at home? I put the video above so you could check it out. However, if you don’t have time to watch the video here the basic steps in a nutshell.

The chef basically tells you that you need a double boiler. Sounds like a fancy term, however, it just means that you have to have a bowl above boiling water. Make sure that the water doesn’t actually touch the bottom of the metal bowl.

You had in the cocoa butter, and then a bit of vanilla extract. Then you can add something to sweeten it up like sugar or honey. By the way, you should be able to buy most of the ingredients at your local super marketing like Target.

Mix it all up and then add your last ingredient which is dark Cocoa powder. Once you mix all of that up make sure that you don’t use a wooden spoon because if there’s water in the spoon it will destroy the chocolate. Use a metal whisk.

Once the batch is complete forward into whatever desired mold that you have and allow it to sit at room temperature for about an hour. Once you have done that then stick it in the refrigerator and let it set for another hour and your chocolate will be 100% ready.

If you check out the video, you’ll see how simple it is. I think I’ll give it a try this afternoon.




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