How to throw a Chocolate Party

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planning a chocolate party

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Planning a plain chocolate perfect party

Have you been wanting to have the perfect party? Have you been thinking about how are you should do it? Well, if you have one of the greatest ways to throw an absolutely amazing party is to have it centered around the idea of chocolate and anything related chocolate.

So if you asked me this is what I would do.

Do the inviting:

First you got to figure out the best way to send out invitations. One of the best ways is create a plan for an event in and invite a bunch of potential attendees. Make sure that you theme it appropriately. You can surely make it about chocolate or for candy bars for that matter. Once you decide on how are you plan on inviting, make sure that you do a great job added by thoroughly seeing it to the end.

Put together the perfect chocolate offering:

Not everybody likes the same type chocolate so make sure that you have a huge assortment.  This can range from chocolate candy bars and your chocolate treats all the way to truffles and even some food drinks. Pack everybody loves a chocolate martini if you know what I mean wink. Don’t forget the chocolate milk and it would probably be a good idea to make sure that you have some chocolate ice cream handy as well. Let’s call this the death by chocolate party.

Take out the perfect games and attractions for your event.

This might be the perfect time to break out the old twister game. How about balderdash or Pictionary? Is can be great games that you can play and the winners can be rewarded with the greatest chocolates treats available. I am not sure that I would add the bobbing for apples game, but it is a thought. It really will depend on what age range you are inviting. If it were me I would just be inviting my girlfriends. We would all get chocolate sick together. Another great idea is an inflatable obstacle course. Any game that clearly offers up a winner would be fantastic.

Another great ideas to make sure that you have a chocolate fountain. I don’t know if you’ve ever tried it but strawberries covered in chocolate from a chocolate fountain are absolutely delightful. Maybe you want to expand the offering to include pineapples, oranges, grapes and any other fruit that you think might work out well for this adventure. I’m not absolutely sure that oranges is a good choice, but as I was thinking it through it might work. Of course I am always ready to investigate any potential area/food taste that includes great chocolate if you know what I mean.

Socializing the right way

Make sure that if you were inviting various people that don’t know each other that you include some kind of icebreaker. It is really important to do so right at the beginning so that people are forced to socialize a bit and get to know each other. If you followed up halfway through with another icebreaker, you’re guaranteed to have success. That way that people really get to identify with the people that they met when they first came in.  One example of this would be a game such as pin the tail on the donkey. A great way to do this would be to blindfold anyone that is coming through the door. They would have to pin the tail which could be pretty much anything on the last person that had just come through the door. So as each person were coming in the first person would pin the tail on the donkey then the next person to enter would pin the tail on them because they became the donkey. Not sure if you follow me but something like this would be a great icebreaking game.

The End of the Party

As you wrap up the party make sure that you have a parting gift for each one of the people that joined you. I can simply be a bag full of various chocolates that you adore. Or, you can do something more elaborate as well as hand written notes. In either case hey farewell present will ensure your success for your chocolate themed party.

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